Who are we

We are a team of university students, filled with love towards different sports. What brings us together is the idea of creating. We would like to make sport more accessible to everyone. We think that the best way to start a business is to choose a path that is close to your heart.

Airtrack TrickPad Káťa Nárožná

Káťa Nárožná

Káťa is our analytical part of the team. She is mainly in charge of cheerleading section.

More about Káťa

Hey, my name is Káťa. I started doing cheerleading when I was 10 years old. Later on, I got to experience cheerleading from the position of a trainer.

The main reason why I decided to join TrickPad is because I know that cheerleading is not only “playing with pom poms,” but mainly about the acrobatics. Therefore, I would like to offer good quality-price ratio sport equipment via TrickPad to help people develop their skills.

Airtrack TrickPad David Gregor

David Gregor

David is the TrickPad idea maker. In our team, he does everything that needs to be done.

More about David

I am a student of University of Economics, Prague. I have been doing business with “inflatable things” (www.bumberballs.cz) for 4 years. That is how I found out about airtracks. I like sport and putting things into motion. In TrickPad, I am the one who know all the next steps that need to be taken.

Airtrack TrickPad Lea Ballová

Lea Ballová

Lea is a creative part of the team. Her main section is gymnastics.

more about Lea

I started doing rhythmic gymnastics and dance show when I was 7 years old. Many important tricks consisted of the basics of acrobatics. I used to participate at many competitions, including European or World championships, which we managed to win a couple of times. Later on, I continued as a trainer of rhythmic gymnastics and dance show in Bratislava.